The WOOD collection storage solutions

If there is one element that defines the expertise in designing a kitchen, it is the well-balanced combination of elegance and functionality.

Concreta’s WOOD kitchen embodies this philosophy in full, offering sophisticated and smart storage solutions which transform every kitchen into an organised and welcoming space. The Wood range is dedicated to anyone who likes breaking with conventions, to embrace the softness of wood and avant-garde details. Functionality and design translate into a quality of space that lifts the kitchen to a whole new level of expression.

The wood covers the space with a modern and functional approach, turning it into a place of well-being, creativity and sharing, with the addition of details for practical and contemporary storage.

Let’s take a detailed look at the various possibilities available.

1. Open cupboards: style and order

The open cupboards available in the WOOD kitchen are not only a storage solution but an expression of style, adding warmth and character to the space. Customise the spaces in which to display your prized tableware, recipe books or favourite decorative objects and create a unique and elegant setting.

2. Pull-out drawers: maximum accessibility and organisation

Pull-out drawers are an example of smart functionality. Fitted with top-quality runners, they open and close smoothly, providing quick and easy access to the contents. This solution not only makes it easy to find utensils, but also helps to keep everything in order, creating an efficient and well-organised kitchen space.

3. Pull-out baskets: effortless order

Pull-out baskets are the perfect answer for anyone looking for effortless order. Their modular design allows their contents, whether cans or crockery, to be precisely organised, keeping every item within easy reach. This virtually invisible solution helps to keep the work top clear and clutter-free.

4. Big drawers: just the thing for pans and the larder

Large drawers, which occupy at least half the base unit in the kitchen, are commonly known as ‘deep drawers’ and are designed to hold the considerable weight of pots, frying pans and the most commonly used food items in the larder. Deep drawers are very useful for keeping everything in order in general and, among the many variations available, the ones under the sink, fitted with waste separation bins, are the most popular.

5. Open shelves: versatility on show

Open shelves allow you to showcase your creativity. With a contemporary style, these elements add a touch of visual lightness to the kitchen, allowing you to display books, colourful plates or pieces of art. Their versatility offers a wide range of possibilities for customising the space according to your tastes.

With Concreta’s Wood kitchen, the choice between displaying or concealing becomes fun, a harmonious balance between elegance, tradition and innovation.

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