Concreta, Made in Italy kitchens

A design story. Concreta is firmly rooted in Tuscan craftsmanship and attention to detail to produce sustainable, quality kitchens, customised and flexible designs for made-to-measure living.

Contemporary features for all lifestyles

One of the leading manufacturers in Italy, Concreta embodies the many facets of a kitchen through the different use of materials and wood. By experimenting with materials and adapting shapes to produce kitchens where space takes centre stage.

Italian design

100% Made in Italy design: kitchens with the quality of Italian expertise. Every element and technical detail communicate to create customisable spaces geared towards creating a liveable design without foregoing the quality of the materials and finishes. Liveable spaces shaped around your lifestyle.

Look to tomorrow, love the environment

Every choice made is rooted in an entirely Made in Italy production, advanced production systems that reduce waste and constant control over the supply chain. This is the only way to achieve the highest quality and a contemporary kitchen with a focus on sustainability.

Respect for the environment
Designing the kitchen differently, basing it on ethical and environmentally friendly values that reduce waste.
Go to sustainability
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