Concreta presenta il nuovo catalogo Living Life

Concreta presenta il nuovo catalogo Living Life

The new catalogue of Concreta’s Living Life Collection is online. The catalogue, packed with design inspirations and details, is now available to offer an exclusive preview of our collection.

The Living Life Collection is a blend of contemporary style and smart functionality, designed to adapt seamlessly to the rhythm of modern life. The new catalogue captures every detail, allowing you to immerse yourself in the clean lines, top-quality finishes and innovative solutions that are the hallmark of this catalogue.

Every element and technical detail work together to create customisable spaces, following a single direction: the liveability of the design. The materials become essential tools for injecting character and versatility into rooms, without making any compromises. Starting with the thickness of the door which is 22 mm, it expresses solidity and elegance. The functionality, quality and design are manifested through the use of different and complementary materials alongside a wide range of elegant and sophisticated finishes: the result is a perfect balance of shapes.

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The complete catalogue is available for free download, thus allowing you to comfortably explore all the proposals.

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