Design your kitchen with elegance and functionality: the three-zone rule

Every kitchen is a separate world, a mini universe where cooking creations come to life intertwined with stories of flavours, fragrances and experiences. In order to transform this space into a highly functional place, it is essential to follow the three-zone rule, a concept that adds order and balance to the most important room in the home.

Designing a functional kitchen implies considering at least three key areas: the first includes the oven and hob, the second is dedicated to washing with the sink and dishwasher, while the third is reserved for food preservation and includes the fridge, freezer and larder.

In a kitchen designed for efficiency, it is essential that these three areas are laid out so that they allow an unobstructed work flow. It is, therefore, advisable to maintain a width of at least 120 centimetres between the units placed between the two front walls. This layout guarantees that the unit doors can be easily opened, facilitating the use of every functional area of the kitchen.

A well-organised space not only optimises daily activities in the kitchen, but also contributes to a harmonious, practical environment for different cooking tasks. Let’s take a look at the areas in detail.

The three fundamental areas

Cooking area:

The cornerstone of every kitchen is the cooking area. This is where the magic happens, with hot burners and the hob becoming the stage for culinary creations. It is the place where the ingredients are transformed into gastronomic works of art. Concreta kitchens offer impeccable style and avant-garde solutions to make this area not only functional but also give it a visual design appeal.

Water area:

No kitchen is complete without a well-equipped water area. The sink, dishwasher and running water are the essential elements for preparation and washing. It is important to add elegant, high-quality sinks and solutions that transform the water area into an element of style without foregoing its practical use.

Fridge and larder area:

The third, but no less important, area is dedicated to cold and preservation. The fridge and larder are the heart of the kitchen. We recommend opting for smart storage solutions, ensuring that every ingredient has its own place. A well-organised kitchen is a place where everything is within easy reach.

The magic of the triangle

The rule of the triangle is the secret to the best work flow. Imagine connecting the three areas with imaginary lines which form a triangle. This layout minimises movement and maximises efficiency in the kitchen.

Concreta kitchens embrace this philosophy, offering a design that not only satisfies the highest aesthetic standards, but also simplify everyday life. Elegance is merged with functionality creating a space where visual appeal and efficiency exist side by side.

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