The choice of details. Contemporary trends between handles and groove handles in the kitchen

There has been a trend in recent years towards a cleaner aesthetic approach and a minimalist visual impact in the world of interior design as well. This new concept has also made its appearance in the kitchen, leading to the disappearance of the traditional handle opening system, now replaced by the so-called groove handle.

Today, the general preference is for kitchens with understated, clean lines, without compromising the practical experience of using the kitchen itself. The current focus is on finishes and materials highlighted on the doors of modern kitchens.

Groove handles in the kitchen

Kitchens with groove handles are becoming increasingly widespread in contemporary design. This trend highlights the clean lines that seamlessly combine visual appeal and functionality. Groove handles give greater linearity to the design without compromising the practicality and comfort of use in the kitchen.

With the groove handle, a compartment, wall unit or drawer can be opened by directly gripping the door thanks to the finger grip created by a profile. The groove handle option is also an interesting alternative for recessed household appliances.

In addition to ensuring aesthetic continuity, the groove handle offers further benefits. It is easier to clean the entire door front, plus safety is improved, especially when children are present, as any protruding handles are eliminated and the possibility of knocking into them.

Concreta provides groove handles that respect these new contemporary and on-trend aesthetic standards:

GAP: A recessed groove profile that highlights the flow of the layout, enhancing the finishes. The inclusion of open elements adds interest to the relationship between the different materials.

BACK: A flat groove profile with an L-shaped grip on the back of the door. This concept embodies the ultimate essence of design, featuring simplicity and precision, enhanced by exclusive details highlighted by integrated accessories.

CLIMB: Aluminium groove handle with an angled profile integrated into the door. The CLIMB system is a project that interprets the precision of the geometry and the elegance of the angled design.

Handles for contemporary kitchens

It is important to emphasise that the classic handle is a very functional, dynamic and practical opening system. The handle is an element that lifts the entire layout in the design of a kitchen. In addition to coordinating with the kitchen units, handles offer the opportunity to create eye-catching combinations with other elements, such as household appliances or equipment.

The main criteria to consider in the choice of handles is quality. How often is the handle of a kitchen cabinet used and subjected to stress?

It must provide a stable grip, be strong and not present any potential problems, such as snagging on fabrics and clothing or creating a hazard if knocked against. This is particularly important in homes with children. The ergonomics of the grip must guarantee not only comfort but also be pleasant to the touch. The shapes, materials and colours of the handles should also make them easy to clean and maintain.

Concreta offers a variety of handle solutions and finishes to provide total freedom of choice and customisation of your new modular kitchen.

FLAT: The FLAT system offers a wide choice of handles combined with the doors, available in various shapes and sizes, making the kitchen functional and injecting a bold look. FLAT is synonymous with stylish elegance.

WING: The WING system adds a minimal and elegant look to your kitchen. A slim, easy-to-use groove-effect profile that highlights the class and clean lines of the layout. The contemporary feel of the details

J: Every detail is designed to combine visual appeal and functionality. Elegant lines for every movement with the J-Pull grip.

So, which solution should I choose? A kitchen with handles or groove handles?

Undoubtedly, groove handle systems add a simple, clean and contemporary look to the design. On the other hand, opening systems with handles add the finishing elegant touch to the overall kitchen style, facilitating the opening of drawers and doors. It’s always important to remember that the kitchen is, first and foremost, a workplace that should be functional and practical.

Perhaps the ideal solution is our WING system!

The WING system is a false groove profile, a bold decorative and functional element with a simple, elegant style. WING means lightness, clean lines and top-quality finishes from which to choose for a custom-made designer kitchen. A hybrid solution in which the doors with handles create the visual effect of the groove handle thanks to the special profiles on the edge of the doors. An opening system that adapts to the design, style and practical requirements of functionality.

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