Dream kitchens: 7 tips for a functional seaside home brimming with style

Functional, vibrant and simple. A blend of colour, salt-resistantmaterialsand tailor-made projects: here is our solution for furnishing kitchens in seaside homes.

Holiday apartments are often much more compact than traditional homes, so choosing a kitchen that allows you to optimise the spaces is crucial. The space should exude a restful, bright and cosy atmosphere, characterised by practical and simple furnishings.

Let’s take a detailed look at seven tips for furnishing a functional, yet stylish holiday home kitchen.

1. Practicality: Clear and simple organisation

The key to the perfect seaside kitchen is practicality. Opt for an informal style that is easy to keep in order. Spacious and functional furnishing accessories, such as cupboards and well-organised wall units, make the kitchen ready for any impromptu midnight spaghetti cook-up. Order will be the best, stress-fee way to enjoy every minute.

2. Atmosphere: Light-filled and welcoming

To give your kitchen a welcoming and light-filled atmosphere, the focus should be on natural, pale colours. White, beige and sand: shades that are reminiscent of the beach and the light of the sea. This choice of colours not only makes spaces seem bigger and brighter, but also creates a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Personality: Play with the colours of the sea

The kitchen can have personality: playing with the colours of the sea is the key. Create a colourful corner, maybe a pink wall that conjures up coral or one with classic tones of blue. By matching tableware, accessories and fabrics in the same shades, the kitchen is transformed into a vibrant and unique space. Draw inspiration from surrounding nature and marine landscapes, perhaps by introducing shells and details taken from the beach.

4. Total White: Timeless elegance

Total white is a timeless choice for a light-filled and relaxing kitchen. To amplify the effect, you can add splashes of blue and light blue to create the timeless atmosphere of a cool, seaside home.

5. Shades of green for a link to nature

Choosing green walls, furniture or accessories can prove to be a bold but surprisingly refreshing choice. Conjuring up the colours of inland areas or the cool shades of a pine forest can bring nature directly into your home.

6. Functionality: Make the most of the available space

Since you spend most of your time outside, the seaside kitchen needs to be highly functional. Make smart use of niches, shelves, drawers and larders to keep spaces ultra-tidy.

7. Colours and tiles: Stress-free patterns

Colours are important: to maintain a relaxing atmosphere, it is best to avoid bright colours that can disturb the calm, like red or purple. Opt for patterned wall tiles instead that are easy to clean and visually attractive. They add a touch of fantasy without disturbing the calm atmosphere.

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