The best combinations for wood finishes in the kitchen

The kitchen, the heart of the home, is the place in which art and functionality are merged. The choice of materials to use to create it becomes crucial, and woodemerges as an undisputed protagonist, bringing with it a tradition of quality and a timeless style. It is the ultimate material in terms of strength and durability, becoming the predominant choice in furniture design.

Modern wooden kitchens are notable for their extraordinary adaptability to a wide range of styles, thanks to the material’s inherent versatility. The choice of the wood is, first and foremost, a question of personal preference.

The magic of customised wood

Wood, with all its numerous customisations, is not just a material but a style statement. Every type of wood has its own story, texture, shades and the skilful combination of these unique components is an art. The multitude of colours and shades available, which range from the lightest to the darkest, offers a wide range of options, all featuring high standards of quality. The final choice should reflect the wood that best fits in with the style of the room, thus making each kitchen unique and in tune with your personal tastes.

Here are three inspiring combinations of style to keep in mind when designing the kitchen of your dreams.

1. Stoneware: The elegance of stoneware

Stoneware is a smart choice for anyone who wants the durability and strength of stone without foregoing versatility. This material is perfect for creating a setting in which the textures fit in seamlessly with the wood in the kitchen. It can be used in both harmony and contrast, creating unique visual effects to suit your personal taste.

2. Glass: Lightness and a modern look

Glass, a timeless classic in designer kitchens, adds lightness to the room when it is used for wall units and cupboards. The visible elements create an airy atmosphere, while in its matt version, the glass skilfully blends modern pairings, bringing a sophisticated elegance to the kitchen environment.

3. Wood and PET: A combination of practicality and eco-sustainable elegance

The combination of wood and PET has been a very popular trend in recent years. This combination is ideal for contemporary kitchens in which practicality and lightness are seamlessly combined with the warm grain of wood. The result is a well-balanced setting where the simplicity of PET blends with the inherent elegance of wood.

Concreta kitchens: Where elegance meets functionality

Concreta kitchens showcase the perfect combination of timeless elegance and impeccable functionality. Every detail, from the sophisticated finishes to the smart storage solutions, is designed to create a unique space.

In the search for the perfect kitchen, placing wood centre stage and experimenting with combinations of stoneware, glass or PET, is an exciting journey. In Concreta kitchens, this journey translates into a design story that tells of a passion for beauty and practicality, creating a space where functionality embraces visual appeal with timeless elegance.

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